Nice to meet you.

Except, this isn’t really meeting each other, at all. It’s not real life. You can’t see me blushing (probably) and I can’t tell if you’re wearing a straw hat or dangly earrings or a fluffy sweater that reminds me of my 3rd grade art teacher (or if you’re wearing anything at all). But that’s the internet. And that’s why I love to write on it; to make every sentence feel warm. Like a conversation in real life. Now, put on some pants, please.

Every good story has an even better back story.

I grew up in Sydney and moved to Melbourne for work. I’m staying for love.
I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism), a Diploma of Marketing, a Diploma of Digital Marketing, and three grey hairs from said credentials.

What do I do?

I used to tell people I’m a copywriter. But then I stopped, since everyone ended up either asking for legal help or when I graduated from law school.

Now I tell people I’m a writer. A creative. A brand strategist. A chameleon. A friend. A job description that adjusts itself every couple of weeks.

Why do I do it?

For love and money.